Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Compile Fire Fox

SUCCESS!!! MineField Booyah!

Disregard any problems or request I had in this blog:
I just put up a new blog that is a step by step guide for compiling fire fox (MineField) on windows xp home.

I am now going to update my processing.js blog with how I finally figured out(a lot of irc help) how to start the processing.js project, and with the help of
andors blog I should have my post of a concat() function done by this weekend.

************************************ OLD Disregard *****************************
I'm just keeping this so when I look back I can see how big a scrub I was ^^

Well I'm now focused on getting Fire Fox to compile on Windows. My plan is to have compiled Fire Fox on every major platform, Mac, Linux, Windows. So far I set up visual studio properly and have it patched with SP1 (what a pain in the @#$). I also ran the Mozillabuild 1.4 package with the instructions from mozilla.org and I'm happy to say there does not appear to be any errors with the prerequisites.

I have the shnazzy little shell window (feels so strange to see it on Win7) open, and mozillabuilder appears to have put all the files locally. I am now at what I think is my next step ... to create a make file. I will update my status once I get around this stage, for now this is my screen.

Any insight is welcome. Remember folks... sharing is caring :)

Updated/added Friday Oct. 2nd ***********************************************(below)

Continuing from my last post where I got up to the console window above.
I continued to follow the instructions on the bottom portion of the mozilla page.

When I typed the command below it got all the files off the mozilla server with this one command:
hg clone http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/

It took a few minutes for it to do it's thing. Then I changed directory to mozilla-central
with the following command:

cd mozilla-central
The following commands I do not fully understand yet. I think they redirect
everything or add everything to mozconfig. Using echo allowed me to type it in one
line at a time:

echo '. $topsrcdir/browser/config/mozconfig' > mozconfig
echo 'mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=@TOPSRCDIR@/objdir-ff-release' >> mozconfig
echo 'mk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS="-j4"' >> mozconfig

Then the last command I wrote was:

make -f client.mk

(note: this took a few min to execute)

The console window showed I got these 2 errors:

Initial project plan

My project for OSD600 is processing.js

It is named that because the purpose of this project is to convert all the function calls that exist in something called processing.org which is a Java base project that has an entire library of java methods into a Java-Script library.

I have chosen this project because it embodies everything I feel open source is about. I will be learning java script and java whilst figuring things out with the power of the internet to research and get in touch with people. By the end of this project I will have been a contribution at some level to a person(s) who will use processing commands in JavaScript which will intern contribute to Mozilla.

Plan for 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 releases
For 0.1 I plan on converting 7 methods that are rated "easy" difficulty. I'm guessing that way I will gain some momentum and confidence. The exact 7 methods I'm not sure, but I wrote my name on the task list beside 13 methods. I will choose among those 13 when I start looking over the code.

My progress can be followed on a table located on mozilla Wiki that is containing all the function calls our group of students will rewrite. In that table my name will go beside the methods I choose to translate, I will then update their status.

I expect to start producing results as soon as I get fire fox compiled properly and figure out the process for translating my first method. Once I get the first one completed successfully it should just be as simple as rinse and repeat. I will also be adding to this blog at least once per week with updates.

The only barriers I see standing in my way is myself and any negativity/procrastination I do. This way of doing things is so foreign to me I will have to grow in programming style and in the way I overcome obstacles, because I am not used to programming at such an impersonal level where a lot of my feedback will be from people on IRC or email. I like having a partner to bounce ideas off of.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tyrant911 starts Processing.js

It seems like just last week I started my first blog (hurray)... unfortunately I don't think that's good enough for my teacher so here goes my 2nd blog. This is what I will use to post progress regarding my project I joined for OSD600. As you may have already observed my project is processing.js

I created an account and modified the Mozilla wiki page so that our group members can help co-ordinate which methods we will be focused on. The idea is that we write our names at the side of the task list table showing all the methods we have to choose from


New insights about the mysterious glass rooms in the Tel. Building at S@Y. I found out that the computers there are always on even though they seem off. The cubicles that are usually empty, actually are empty but it's because all these open source people are connecting to them remotely. I also got the chance to set up accounts on most of these computers.

There is a cool side note Dave updated me on. It is called WEAVE and lets us transfer our browsers settings easily to other Mozilla browsers on other computers we login to.